Water Resistant Toggle Switch to Electric Step

by Kwikee



NOTE: Prior to connecting any wiring, and Wiring Diagram disconnect the vehicle's power source at the battery.

1. Determine the location for installing the rocker switch. Some points to consider when selecting the switch position are:

Size of the hole. The switch requires a hole 7/8" wide x 1 7/16" high.

Space behind switch. Allow enough space to mount the switch and attach the wire connectors from the back.

NOTE: Leave a little extra length of wire at the switch to allow for removing the switch (if necessary), and at the step to provide slack in case the motor must be removed.

2. Cut two motor leads, one battery lead, and one ground lead out of 10- gauge, braided multi-strand copper wire to the appropriate lengths as determined by your switch location.

3. Cut two 4 inch, 12-gauge jumper wires. On one end attach a female spade connector. Insert the other end, along with one end of the motor lead into a female space connector and crimp into place. Repeat with other

4. Attach a yellow female spade connector to one end of the battery lead and ground lead.

5. Cut the Packard connector off the wires coming from the step motor and strip wire back approximately 3/16".

6. Slip a spacer into one of the supplied butt connectors, insert the red 15-gauge wire coming from the step motor into the side of the butt connector that has the spacer and crimp the butt connector and spacer firmly into place. Repeat this process for the yellow 16 gauge wire. See Figure 1.

Kwikee Step Diagram

7. On the ground lead connect the ring terminal to the opposite end of the space connector. Attach it to the switch and ground. A bare metal ground connection is necessary to ensure proper step operation.

8. Connect the two motor leads to the terminals on the back of the rocker switch. See Figure 1.

9. Route the two motor leads to the motor. Strip the wires back approximately 3/16" and insert them into the appropriate motor lead butt connector. Crimp the butt connector firmly.

10. Install the 30-amp, in-line fuse on the power lead as close to the battery as possible. Cut the lead in two and butt connect the in-line fuse into place. See Figure 1.

11. Mount the rocker switch. Heat shrink any exposed connections.

12. Reconnect the vehicle battery.

13. Connect the power lead to the 12- volt DC battery. Do not attach this lead to any other pre-existing 12-volt circuit.

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