Adjusting Tank Monitor on an Audit  2U9

by Barry Beam

In the "2U9 Operations Manual" for the color monitor. It is in the little "Javelina Corporation" manual that has a picture of the screen says that the tanks are self-calibrating.

Looking at it closer, it says that you should not need to recalibrate unless a sensor or tank is replaced.

The procedure to adjust the tank monitor is as follows:

  • Empty all tanks.
  • Turn "computer" on and select holding tank screen.
  • Locate connector pin #15 on the 24 pin connector.
  • Momentarily short pin #15 to ground.
  • There should be a momentary switch for this located in front circuit breaker compartment, upper right facing forward.

Tank Momentary Switch

  • Center of screen should say "WAIT"..and then "DONE"
  • (The computer now has those pressure readings as empty readings).
  • Now fill all 3 tanks to fullest desired levels.
  • Allow to settle for a minute, momentarily short pin #15 again to ground.
  • The "WAIT" and "DONE" will appear, storing now the full entries.
  • Turn computer off, wait 3 seconds, turn it back on and you are done.


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