Android Smartphone Tethering

by Ron Sedgley 2002 U320 - Custom 38'

You will need:

• The AC charge cord for your Android

• (one time) Download PdaNet for Androids at: and load it on your PC.  Follow the prompts to load the driver (you may have to reboot).

• (one time) Get PdaNet free edition by searching for it in the Market on your android and install on your android

• Once complete you will need to complete the following steps to be tethered and connected to the Internet

• Have a good Verizon cell connection (the more bars the better, however I have had good response with as little as two bars).

• Connect the AC charger cord (without the AC plug portion) to your Android and to an unused USB port on your PC.

• Start PdaNet application on your Android

• Enable USB Tether (Option will pop up once you start PdaNet and you are connected to your PC)

Here's the tricky part I always forget…

  1. Pull down the Notification bar on your android
  2. Tap the item "USB connected"
  3. tap on the "Mount" option

A small Android mini icon should appear on the right hand side of your PC task Bar Click on it… select “connect”

You should be connected to the internet; Your Android will stay on and be charged continually.

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