We used a Thule Ridgeline to carry 2 bikes a couple of times on our previous class C. This rack can handle up to 4. We liked it's convenience for loading and unloading bikes, but it did have a couple of issues.

With the front fork relatively "free" with this rack, turning allowed the handlebars of my bike to rub on the rear cargo rack we had on Steve's bike. Vibration caused the grip on one side of my handlebars to be worn completely through on the first trip.

Another issue is trunk/cargo access with bikes on the rack. We had to take the bikes off the rack before swinging the hitch down. Plus visibility out the back window was somewhat compromised.

With our CR-V toad, we have a roof rack, but Steve has to manage the bikes if we take them. I'm too short (at 5'3") to easily load a bike up there, but it's infinitely easier to access the cargo area than with a hitch rack and I *can* get the bike on the roof if I'm patient and careful.

I wouldn't hesitate to go with a roof rack again, especially on a lower roof-line vehicle. Michelle '03 U320

I have a Thule # 916 rack. It is extremely well made. Folds down out of the way so you can open the back hatch and folds up when not in use. Takes 15 seconds to put a bike on. It holds 2 bikes and you can add the # 918 attachment to carry 4 bikes. It is not cheap $375+, but our bikes are worth over $5000 each so we don't want a cheap rack. Mike 2002, U-270, 34'

Look at the Stroberg- Carlson bike rack model # BR4-HC seem to be very well built and holds bikes nicely. Mike & Pamela 07 U320

It seems like most folk favor the Thule but I would like to put a word in for my Yakima. I have a Dodge Dakota truck with a bed cover and Joey Bed and needed something to swing out of the way rather than just fold down. My Yakima swings completely out so I can drop the truck tail gate completely and then pull out the Joey Bed. When no bikes are being carried, the arm folds down. It holds four bikes although we just carry two. It is easy to take off or add bikes to the configuration. It has integrated bike and hitch locks. I have had it for almost 5 years and, as a full timer, am very happy with it.

I don't think they make my model any more (but they have a very similar one called the Swing Daddy). If you need access to the back of your vehicle and want something that swings away rather than swings down, take a look at Yakima.

Byron Knight 2004 U320

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