Decal Removing

by Carrol and Billie Nelson

Decal Removing Decal Removing
Place towel over area, put heated iron over it & let decal soften Pull decals off in long strips
Decal Removing Decal Removing
  Use BDC76601 to remove any adhesive

Try 3M Adhesive Remover, avilable at most automotive paint Stores. James Stallings


It took a whole week of hard work. I had to put up a shade so that I could work in 94 degree heat.

My Diamond Shield simply was not what I expected (I ordered it as an option) on my DUTCH STAR SOB . It started showing black spots about 32 months after I picked up my new MH. It started to crack soon thereafter. It slowly got worst, and finally failed. It got ugly.I used a heat gun, set on the lowest heat, to apply some heat (NOT TOO MUCH) and then scraped the plastic off with ScrapRite orange razor blades. THEN, the real work began.

Removing the adhesive was the worst RV-related work I've ever done. I used Goof Off, in the 20 oz can from Home Depot, to soften the adhesive. I slowly/carefully scraped it off. Final result is sure excellent! if I ever do it again, 3M makes a product that is a 2 part system, one spray kind of dissolves the plastic layer and it comes off easy, the second spray takes of the adhesive. Expensive but worth it! It's called woodgrain remover, or something like that.


We had a simular problem with our Diamond Shield... I contacted them and was told there was a recall on it... something about the adhesive that was initially used was faulty and allowed mold to grow underneath the " Diamond Shield" . Diamond Shield promptly made arrangements for a representative to come out and assess the situation. They deemed the adhesive was indeed faluty and they sent another technitian out to fully remove and replace the Diamond Shield. We had had no other problem with it. We love it! makes cleaning bugs off so much easier and it also protects the front from rock dings.


AES Industries 4" Smart Eraser Pad for Pinstripe, Decal & Adhesive Removal

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