Flexsteel Seat Removal

by George Hatfield 2003 U295 3610 2/16/13

The seats are finally out!  We are having them re-upholstered by a company here in Tucson and I had  them remove the seats.  Neil was right about some of the nuts to remove, but there are actually 8 that need to be removed.... 2 nuts in the front,

Flexsteel Front Bolts

2 nuts in the back

Flexsteel Rear Bolts

2 bolts on each side. 

Flexsteel Side Bolts

When the side bolts are removed the rails that guide the seat as it moves front and back are released and that did the trick.  Before removing the seat, these bolts should be put back in place for the seat (not the rails) and that keeps the front and back of the seat together.  The seats were heavy, but not bad....certainly more than one normal person could handle because of the bulk and weight.   The pics above show the passenger seat, but the driver's seat was the same. 

By the way, I did call Flexsteel for advice on removing these seats and they were not much help.

While they were not much help (told George the wrong bolts, and advice about the side rails, which she called "hard skirts," came several calls later), it was not for lack of trying on the representative's part.  And we did receive an email from another Flexsteel rep offering to have us send photos for further assistance - but, by then, the upholsterer was due to arrive and remove the seats for us.

Interestingly, we contacted the Flexsteel representative, Colleen Kafar, mentioned in Bonnie Harris' 2004 post (Info for New Foam for Pilot's Chair).  She still answers the number in that post (563-585-8205), and when I mentioned I found the number from some 9-year-old information on an owner's forum, she told me she had been answering that number for 29 years!

Replacing Seat Foam in RV Chair

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