Foretravel Rims

by Wyatt 1996 U320 40 WTFE

Foretravel motorhomes and most trucks used "Stud Pilot" rims until the late nineties, then began using "Hub Pilot" rims.

"Stud Pilot" rims have tapered stud holes in the rim with tapered nuts, like most cars do, and the nut taper centers the wheel on the hub.

"Hub Pilot" rims have holes with no taper and flat nuts, but have a carefully sized center hole which is a snug fit on a ridge which is carefully machined onto the hub. This center hole centers the rim on the hub.

"Stud Pilot" wheel studs and nuts have right hand threads on the right side (passenger side) and left hand threads on the left side (drivers side).

There is another importance difference between studs/nuts for "Stud Pilot" and "Hub Pilot" wheels on the rear. "Hub Pilot" rear rims are held onto the hub with one nut which when removed leaves the stud in place with the rims loose. With "Stud Pilot" rims, on the rear, the nut holds just the outer rim, which when removed frees up just the outside rim. The motorhome could be driven on the inside rim/tire with the outside rim/tire removed. A "square socket" stud holds the inner rim and when removed leaves threaded holes in the rear hub.

The "Stud Pilot" nuts and studs are all marked with "R" or "RIGHT" on the passenger side and "L" or "LEFT" on the driver side.

I have a Proto 500 ftlb torque wrench which can have the ratchet mechanism installed either way, so it can tighten right or left hand nuts.

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