Fuel Filter Minder


The R2D1  gauge can be used independently for any DIESEL FUEL filtration system where the filter is on the vacuum / suction side of the pump (which 99% are). The R2D1 or Racor RK32037 does not have to be installed directly on the filter it can be installed anywhere in-line between the DIESEL filter and the pump source. It is compatible with DIESEL, Biodiesel, and Kerosene. (NOT TO BE USED WITH GAS) The thread is 1/8" N.P.T. which can be adapted to larger threads or TEE'D into a FUEL LINE without affecting the operation of the gauge.  Easily replaces the outdated RACOR liquid needle gauge and those similar.

The top of the unit has a reset button which returns the gauge to its zero setting, but will instantly measure the current contamination of the filter when the engine is re-started.  All the guesswork of when filters are in need of changing is eliminated, NO numbers to read. When the YELLOW diaphram gets near the bottom RED area (10"hg. vacuum)  then.... Change the Filter. As long as the YELLOW indicator is in the GREEN  your good to GO. 

The R2D1 is 360* degree viewable from just about any angle and as the YELLOW diaphragm indicator fills the gauge it can be seen from 9' away. No numbers to read, no little needles to look at, no having to look at it from one position. Simple, accurate, easy to install in any Diesel Fuel line that is on the suction side of the filter (between the Filter and the Injector pump)

REMEMBER: The R2D1 can be read with the Engine or Pump OFF because it locks in position at the highest measured contamination level, which was measured when your engine was operating at full R.P.M. (not just at idle).  You can now check the condition of your Filters anytime you want; when your engine and or engine room are cool. 

NOTE:  Most Diesel engines will begin to have running problems at 12-to15 hg. Vacuum.  Know when your filter needs to be changed before your Engine shuts down.  BE SAFE NOT SORRY.  The 100-hour "change your filters rule” has ruined more ENGINES AND FUEL PUMPS because of a bad batch of Fuel that contaminated the filter in 8 hours and shut down the Engine and or wore out a fuel pump.  The reverse also holds true.... knowing the condition of your Filter keeps you from throwing away a perfectly good filter (it is not uncommon to get 300 to 500 hours out of a filter which has not been filtering  contaminated Fuel).

Also; when you know you have clean fuel in your tanks, you can now go to a lower number micron filter in your ENGINE FILTER, which will keep even more contaminates out of your INJECTOR PUMP.

Fuel Filter Minder R2D1-SM-175W

Fuel Filter Minder R2D1-SM-175W or Racor RK32037

Restriction_Indicator mounted

This is an example of a Racor 490R1210 fuel filter assembly with a restriction indicator installed in the vent port on the mounting head.



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