Hot water heater plug fails


I was walking around the outside of the coach this morning and saw water on the ground under the "plumbing" bay. It appeared to be coming from around the drain plug on the hot water tank. When I tried to tighten it, the plug sheared off (I hardly had the wrench on it). This will be easy to fix IF I can get the rest of the plug out of the threaded hole. Any ideas? There must be a tool for this. George Hatfield 2003 U295

Any Lowes or Home Depot has a tool to remove broken sprinkler heads. They work.

Another technique on the Atwood plastic plugs is to heat a standard screwdriver that will just fit into the opening (if the plug weren't there). Heated, it will "melt in" to the plug and allow you to twist it out.

Replace the plugs every year when you drain the mineral sediment out of the tank. Use teflon tape on the threads. If there are mineral deposits on the threads, use vinegar and a toothbrush (never your own) to remove them. Brett Wolfe 1993 U240







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