Instahot Instructions

By Bob Pete 12/29/2006

To take it apart:

1. Remove the faucet spout, (there is a small screw on the left hand side of the faucet base, loosen it and pull the spout out.

2. Remove the control handle: (pull it towardy you and push down at the same time, it clips onto the valve lever).

3. Disconnect the water line from under the sink and the electrical connections.

4. Pull off the chrome ring and unscrew the black plastic retaining nut. (the unit is now free from the top).

5. Remove the unit.

6. the Rubber gastet can be carefully pried out.

7. Unscrew the threaded piece that the control lever was hooked on. (if this was too tight, it can cause the unit to flow water bynot allowing the vqlve to fully seat).

8. Unscrew the threaded plug that the valve stem passes through. You can now remove the valve. Be careful if you turn it upside down. There is a little "L" shaped flat rod that goes into one of the holes and under it is a small round plastic ball (I think this prevents over pressure.
(Check for this ball if it is not there, water may not shut off).

Bob Pete 96 U320

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