Installation of Windshield Velcro

by Foretravel

The proper procedure for installing this Velcro according to 3M® recommendations.

When removing old Velcro make sure to remove all old glue residue. Precut new Velcro to fit with just enough extra to fit into windshield rubber about 1/8” to 1/4”.

When cleaning windshield in preparation do not use glass cleaners, denatured alcohol, acetone, safety solvents, etc. all of these will leave a residue and will result in poor adhesion.

The only acceptable cleaner is Isopropyl Alcohol. Mix in a spray bottle 50/50 mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) and water. Spritz windshield lightly and wipe dry.

Make sure not to allow excess to run down in between lower windshield rubber and glass. It will gather there and once the Velcro is installed will wick back up and make the Velcro turn loose at the bottom. Dry glass completely with a clean paper towel.

Install new Velcro as needed to remove all air pockets between glue and windshield. Do not stick anything to the Velcro for 48 hours after installation. If the windshield curtains need to be used within this time period they can be attached to each other in the center as the curtains have attracting hook and loop.

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