Intervac Vacuum Install

By George Hatfield 2003 U295 36'

Installed an Intervac central vacuum cleaner .  Pat didn't like our portable vacuum cleaner because it always left a odor in the coach after it was used.  With the Intervac the exhaust is down below, as is the noise. 

I installed the unit in the back half of our main storage bay.  From there it took about 16 feet of 2" hose ($1 per foot from Intervac) to get to the location for the vacuum hose plug-in located in the galley (see photo below).  I used a 2.5" hole saw to cut through the floor below the galley drawers (cut from below).  The floor has about 1/2" plywood on top with about 2" of blue foam and then a thin plastic layer on the bottom.  No problem to cut the hole.  Running the hose was no problem either (secured with wire ties).  In addition to the hose, I had to run two wires (16g) to the plug-in.  These turn the vacuum on when the hose is plugged in. 

Vacuum Outlet

The only problem I had was with the mounting screws for the vacuum in the bay.  The wall is very thin plastic material and not the plywood I expected.  But the screws held.  I may put in some wall anchors later.

The vacuum works well.... lots of suction.  It comes with a 40' hose, but there is a problem with the hose.  It compresses to about 10' when the vacuum is on.   The compressible hose makes for easy storage, but is a bit of a pain when using the vacuum.  But all in all, it was a good addition to the coach. 

One fun moment during the installation was when I spoke  into one end of the hose while the other end was near Cosmo, our Miniature Schnauzer (see below).  It was priceless.  Where is that guy in the hose?


Update: Tried to put some wall anchors in  to secure the vac on the wall.  Tried several types and none would hold.... very thin wall.  So mounted vac on a piece of plywood and bolted the bottom to the frame as shown below.  I think this will hold it.

Vacuum Mounted

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