Kemberly Ladder Repair


I recently had to replace the internal nut to the support tubes and my neighbor dug these up from work. Although they are different and I had to modify the plastic connecting spacers, they made a stronger joint.

Through a comedy of errors I managed to damage then break off one of the two lower legs on my ladder. The legs that 'pin' in place on the earlier ladder style which has to be folded up to raise the engine bay door. Later style ladders are 2 section, both permanently mounted.

The internal press fitted captive nut in the tube had rusted out. So the first problem here is that a hole needs to be drilled in the lower plastic cap ends of the ladder tubes to allow water to drain out. The replacement 'pound in' captive nuts have a flange that necessitated cutting down the black plastic mating adapter insert.

I went ahead and replaced both legs, making it much more stable. 1/4-20
bolt is stainless. Dave Head 95 U320C SE 40 3/29/10


Not that good a pic, but you can see the "flange" of the captive nut assembly. It gives the tube more strenght than the original. Black plastic adapter has to be trimmed flush for repair with this design. Drill a drain hole in the bottom plastic cap.


Black plastic adapter fits into tube about .5" - this has to be trimmed for the new captive nut I used


Captive nut - this gets pounded into the end of the tube Dave Head 95 U320C SE 40 3/29/10

I had to replace a cracked bracket on my 280. The pot metal bracket is simply screwed into the rear wall. I Suppose ( hope ) that there is a metal brace where they screw in. Foretravel has these standoffs at 14 bucks each.

BTW Met a newbie in Brooksville with a damaged ladder, he went to NAC and they sold him a two piece ladder for his GV instead on the hinged model like mine. So.. it appears that the two types are interchangeable. Gary B 95 U280

Atwood Mobile Products, 1120 N. Main Street, Elkhart, IN 46514 Phone 574-264-2131. Kemberly was a division of Atwood.

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