Kool O Matic Thermostat Control


An optional thermostat control is now being offered for use with all models of recreational vehicle ventilators as shown in the photograph. The aftermarket RV installation is normally made in a closet wall or in any convenient wall location approximately four feet above the floor, using a standard 2" x 4" electrical outlet box. If difficulty is encountered in drawing the required wire leads through the ceiling and wall, or wall installation is impractical , the thermostat may be ceiling mounted adjacent to the ventilator for simplified installation.

Kool O Matic Thermostat Control

For automatic RV comfort, the Model RVT2 Thermostat Control is provided with a two speed three position operation selector switch. The HI and Lo Switch Position provides automatic fan operation with the fan operating anytime the temperature inside the RV is above the set point temperature. This position also provides automatic ventilator shut off, an especially desirable feature while sleeping. Many dealers tell us how they install the ventilator on their lot demonstrators to quickly pull the heat and odors out when showing a closed up RV to a prospect. There's nothing that cools a prospect more than the heat and eye irritation of a closed up new RV unit in the summer.

The Off Position provides a power off setting to eliminate the fan from accidentally operating while the RV is completely closed up or is in storage.

(Alternate Hi-Medium setting can be obtained by turning the resistance switch one position clockwise.
Motor lead to "B" terminal on resistance switch.
Thermostat orange lead to "c" terminal on resistance switch.
Thermostat brown lead to "M" terminal on resistance switch.
Motor lead to no power lead.
Thermostat black lead to + power lead.

Kool O Matic Control Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram without RVT2 Thermostat

Kool O Matic Swich

Original Kool O Matic Switch


Kool O matic Switch

Replacement 3 Speed Switch

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