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This power transfer switch has the same great features as the 30 amp ATS and more! This power transfer switch has the ATS 5070 component design which makes field service simple. This product's extra large entry points on the terminal block makes wiring simple and easy. Its DC coils provide voltage stability under low voltage conditions. This product is versatile enough to use for replacement of 30 and 50 amp service. Measures 8"H x 8"W x 4-3/4"D. Weighs 7-1/2 lbs.

Total safety and convenience for power line transfer.

The automatic transfer switch - "A.T.S." - provides unmatched safety and convenience for power service selection.


Automatically switches from shoreline to generator with a simple flick of the generator switch. No unplugging from shoreline receptacle and re-plugging into generator needed. Eliminated is the inconvenience of manually handling the bulky shoreline cord, which is especially dangerous in storm-related conditions.

Quality components ensure reliable, smooth power transfer performance.

**Electrical rating: 120/240 volts AC 60 HZ @ 50amperes.

Maximum generator: 12KW

Enclosure: UL Type 1 16 GA Steel

Listed for US and Canadian applications.

**Note: L1 and L2 rated 35 amperes per leg with 70 ampere neutral when L1 and L2 are in phase. (Optional jumpers must be installed).

Model Dimensions Weight

ATS 5070 8"L x 8"W x 4.75" D 7.5 lbs.

Not ignition protected.

The ATS 5070 Series is the recommended replacement option for  ATS 50 and ATS 100 Series units.

ATS - 50 Owners Manual

Parallax Automatic Transfer Switch ATS 50

ATS-50 Schematic

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