Redneck Tire Handler

by Rick D. 1995 U300SE 40'

I finally decided to remove the wheels and add the disc brake helper springs. This was really a simple task even for a lightweight like me. Remove the lug nuts with X-12 wrench, very easy. Knowing the tire and wheel assembly weighs in the vicinity of 200 lbs and seeing the tire shop guys wrestle the wheels on/off with a pinch bar, I knew there must be something laying around here that would work better. After my lawnmower threw a rod, I stripped it down to see what caused it. It looks like one of the rod bolts came off and the rest is history. I heard it coming with a progressively louder rap but it was kind of fun to blow it up. I needed a new one anyway but I digress.

Well, I had taken the handle off of the lawnmower and had it leaning against a cabinet in the garage. As I was fumbling around trying to cobble up some contraption to lift the tires I bumped into the cabinet and the lawnmower handle slid down the floor and landed in front of me. Then the light went on, this is perfect, it even folds so that I can take it with me on the road and it is light weight. It works great and requires absolutely minimal effort to put the wheels on. Hope this helps.

Redneck tire handler

Redneck tire handler

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