Removing Mirror Glass from Housing


The glass on our Ramco mirrors are held in place with industrial strength Velcro.

 Don't know if they have Ramco brand, but I understand that we can gently pull on the glass and use a flat putty knife behind to pry glass off the tilt mechanism. This may be difficult if the motor does not work, because it is easier to start with glass at an extreme tilt to have a space to fit pry bar.

Ramco is also helpful in replacing parts and assisting on removing glass.

Years ago, we did have them remove the convex section put a full flat glass within the big part of the mirror. They then added the separate top part with a new convex mirror. They moved the heating pad and remote motor control to the new top mounted convex. Barry & Cindy 1997 U270 11/2/08


I have replaced the convex lower, non-motoriized mirror. It was held in place with double sided tape which was supplied with the new mirror. The motorized upper mirror can be maneuvered manually by pushing with ones hands. This could either get it positioned where you want it or perhaps moved to one side allowing a peek behind the mirror. Rudy Legett 1995 U320 11/2/08

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