Replacing Kwikee Step Parts


Just had to replace the innards on my step - it failed to operate, and I found a fracture across the gear case cover, unknown origin, and presumptive cause of the failure.

Used a Kwikee "kit", P/N 44-8127, called IGML (Integrated Motor, Gears,Linkage) and this replaces everything including the electronic control module (Tech/Installer @ Foretravel was willing to replace just the broken component, but I decided to use the whole thing).  Cost of kit was $344.03 from non-Foretravel source and that included TX tax and shipping.

We have only had this 2003 Coach for 3 months, and so far, the only concerns w/ the Kwikee are a) it is a bit wobbly when you stand on it, b) it hits curbs if you park too close, and c) on a slope where leveling will put the nose down, the coach can end up resting the right-front corner on the step which can't be too healthy for the step and maybe (?) was the cause of our case fracture. Dan Spoor 2003 34' U270

Replacement kits for Electric Steps





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