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Ride Height Valve Parts Breakdown

The OEM rubber snap on covers for the leveling valves fall off when they get old. Their purpose is to prevent dirt and contamination from entering thebreather holes on the valves. There are no replacements available. Bob Pete. 7/23/2008

Some ideas for replacing the missing covers

Now Available RN10JE - Exhaust Cover Kit

RN10JE Exhaust Cover Kit

Cut a piece of hose to slip over Midland ride-height valve bottom vent and hold in place with hose clamp. Find a piece of any filter material that will let dumped air out and reduce the chance of dirt getting inside bottom vent.

Replacement bottom rubber covers are not available. Under original rubber cover was a block of white filter material that also acts as muffler so we don't easily hear the sudden dumping of air as we go down the road.

We used a piece of clear vinyl hose about 6" long and about 1 1/8" inside diameter. Measuring the outside of bottom of valve will give you the correct hose I.D. I put a wad of cheap green air conditioner filter material inside the bottom of clear hose and put a long narrow bolt through the bottom of the hose to keep filter inside.

Some have already lost the rubber covers and filter, but are not aware of the loss. Good you found yours missing as water may splash up inside both rear valves. Single front ride-height valve is much higher and out of the way of most road debris.

Not logical to replace ride height valve just to get a new bottom rubber cover. If the same Midland valve is used again, the new rubber will fail within a couple of years. They just disintegrate. Midland is aware of the problem, but refuse to offer replacement rubber covers. Our temporary solution should last the life of valve which should be many years.

All motorhomes with 'air ride' like our Foretravels have 3 ride-height valves. Two in rear level coach left and right . One in front (centered) level coach front and back.

These valves have one outlet hose to fill & dump air bags. One inlet air hose from air tank to fill air bags to raise coach. And an opening (with missing rubber cover problem) that vents air from air bags to lower coach.

This up/down air bag action continuously happens as we drive down the road. Ride-height valves job is to try to re-level coach as the wheels go up and down as we drive

 Rear valves can be seen and touched through our small rear compartment doors (battery & air cleaner access, in our coach). I slide under front of coach to see and touch front valve. In our coach I can sit up under coach to examine valve.

Ride-height valve outlet hose is directed through HWH Level System on its way to air bags . Any ordinary hose clamp will work.

  Ride Height Valve Cover Replacement

Barry L. 7/21/2008

I first tried to use a 1 inch slip joint cap and splitting it with a saw, it was to big to fit tight, so I went with a 1 inch threaded cap and ground the inside with a dremel tool until I had a tight press fit, then added the sheet metal screw for insurance, cost me all of 2 bucks and a little time.

Leveling Valve Cover - old

old Leveling Valve Cover

Leveling Valve PVC Cover

New Leveling Covers

Ride Height Covers

Bill W 7/23/08

Perhaps a rubber cup that you put on a chair leg to protect your hardwood floor?

I checked one of those old gray 35mm film holder cahisters, If you put one in hot water for a few minutes, they will slip on and then shrink into position. the 1" female threaded pipe cap is actually hard to beat. but instead of a screw, i think I will make about 4 cuts across it with a hack saw (so that there are 8 individual cuts) about 3/4" deep slip it on and then clamp it on via a hose clamp. bob pete 96 U320 7/23/08

When I was at home depot, getting the PVC ends, I found something else I thought might work ... Rubber Chair Leg Tips. I noticed they had 4 internal ribs so it would hold on to the valve by itself.

I got the 1-1/8" ones, cut it down to the 2nd from the bottom inside rib and drilled 5 holes in the side. They fit great! Just to make sure they stayed on, I safety wired around the top.

Chris Cantrel 96 5/9/08

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