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Our Splendide 2000 (I think that is the #, but most of the numbers are worn away) is acting up. I checked on line as well as in the forum archives and haven't seen this problem addressed. It fills fine, it starts to agitate, stops and adds more water, begins agitation again and then very shortly after it just stops. No water in, no water out, it is acting like it is in a "soaking" cycle (which I don't have on this version). If I move the dial, it will go to the next cycle, but of course it hasn't really "washed" anything. Sandy Stoltz

I was told years ago that the contacts in the knob start to get corroded and that if you rotate the knob a few turns occasionally, it would "clean" the contacts and would start working properly again. I still do it in the coach, but I've not had problem yet. Taking the knob for a spin did fix it many times. On the boat it made sense as the salt environment made it hard on contacts. And, it is a cheap attempt at a fix. Mike Baldacchino

If the knob spin doesn't work, it is probably the circuit board.

They will probably tell you it is the circuit board. (Easy to to remove and reinstall) The board is expensive ($300 ?) and if it went, it is probably the one of the two relay on it (Maybe $5-10). I change many on our boat from being in far away places with bad electricity. Burnt out the relays. If they are burnt, you can see the black spots. Mike Baldacchino

The circuit board in my Splendide is located at the right rear lower corner as you face the unit. When I replaced my board, I laid the unit on its face, removed the rear panel, R&R the board and reversed the process. I did not completely remove the unit from its spot. I pulled on the top rear of the unit till it pivoted on the bottom front edge and laid face down on a padded stool on the floor. The hoses and electric reached far enough so I did not have to turn them loose. Rudy Legett

Thanks Mike for the tip about spinning the knob. It worked Sandy Stoltz

Your washer-dryer comes equipped with a self-cleaning pump that does not require regular cleaning and maintenance. However, small objects may accidentally fall into the pump: coins, hair clips, loose buttons and other small items. To avoid possible damage, they are withheld in an accessible pre-chamber at the lower end of the pump.

To gain access, gently ease down the top of the toe-kick panel (at the base of the front of the machine) with a screwdriver or similar item to release it. Then ease the top edge forward to allow it to be lifted clear (Fig.13).

• Place a shallow dish or tray below the cover of the prechamber to catch the small amount of water present. Release the cover by turning counter-clockwise (Fig 14). Remove any items or debris.

• Securely replace the cover by turning clockwise. Refit the toe-kick panel by inserting the hooks on its lower edge into the slots and ease the top edge back into position.

"Why can't I see water through the door?"

Answer: Your Splendide uses the latest in washing technology and needs less than half the water to get wash results that are twice as good! ENERGY STAR® approved, your Splendide uses just 9-16* gallons of water and minimal electricity to effectively wash and rinse all your fabrics.

How? First, Splendide revolutionary "Cascade" washing effect emulates the energetic motion of hand washing - cleaning clothes more thoroughly while treating fabrics gentler. Meanwhile, Splendide sophisticated "brain" watches over wash parameters like water level and foam control - making sure your clothes are the cleanest they can be when the wash cycle is complete. Because of these technological advances, your Splendide is rated at the top of it's class (Class A**) in terms of energy efficiency AND wash performance!

* Average. Your Splendide may use as little as 5 gal. per wash load. **Class A Norm EN 60456 Washing Machine

"How can I optimize my dry times?"

Answer: Never overload the drum! Also, use 1-2 TBSP of a liquid fabric softener as needed - softer clothes dry faster with less wrinkling.

Drying times depend largely on the type of material (some fibers absorb more water than others), on the dampness of the articles when drying is started (1200 RPM spin vs. 850 - 600 RPM spin) and the amount of laundry that is being dried.

Special Condenser Note:

If you own a Comb-o-matic (ventless) model, when you remove items after drying, they may feel slightly damp to the touch even though they are dry. This is a normal result of the Comb-o-matic's self-condensing drying process. Simply shake them out to allow any humidity to dissipate (a few seconds) before folding or hanging them as you usually would.

"Where's the load size selector?"

Answer: Your Splendide has a built-in Automatic Consumption Control feature. It automatically adjusts the water used for the size and fabric type of your load. No guesswork, perfect every time!

"Where's the lint filter?"

Answer: WD2100, WD2000S, WDC6200CEE, WDC5200 - Splendide's revolutionary new pump system eliminates the need for you to clean a filter! The only reason you should ever need to enter the pump pre-chamber (behind the toe-kick) is if items like keys or coins accidentally make their way into your wash load. The fact is, your Splendide is so gentle on fabrics that very little lint is produced. The small amount of lint that accumulates is safely expelled through the drain (and out the vent in a vented model).

All Other Models - Your lint filter is located behind a small door in the lower-right, front corner of the machine. A clogged drain/lint filter can prevent your machine from draining properly. To eliminate this risk, clean the drain/lint filter regularly. View Filter Cleaning PDF (35k) (NOTE: WD802M Vented models may also have an optional dryer lint screen installed at the dryer vent attachment on the back of the machine. If installed, this screen should be cleaned regularly to optimize drying performance).

"Any tips for loading the drum?"

Answer: Remember, in separate w/d's, dryer drums are 100% larger than washer drums. In your Splendide, you wash and dry in the SAME drum. Therefore, if you wash full loads, you'll need to remove some items (up to 50%) before starting a dry program. When you program your machine to wash then dry automatically, load the drum accordingly. (Go To SAMPLE WASH/DRY LOADS >>)

"What kind of detergent/How much should I use?"

Answer: Using detergents that aren't "low-sudsing" in any front loading washer can cause excess foam which can back up inside the machine or run out onto the floor. Using less of a regular detergent can prevent excess foam, but may result in unsatisfactory cleaning.To make sure this doesn't happen, we recommend that you use only low-sudsing (sometimes called HE or "High-Efficiency") powder detergents.

Because your Splendide is highly efficient, you only need to use 1 to 2 tbsp. of a powder detergent to get laundry spotlessly clean. Using too much can cause oversudsing which can not only damage your machine, but can make clothes appear dingy.

Using liquid detergents in any front-loading washer is not recommended because they tend to produce too much foam. But, if you prefer to use a liquid detergent, DO NOT use more than 1 tbsp.

For your convenience, we offer a premium laundry detergent that's been designed specifically for high-efficiency washers and has been successfully tested in Splendide machines. 100% free of chemicals and artificial fragrances, Splendide Premium Laundry Powder is tough on stains and odors, but gentle on delicate skin, all washable fabrics, and the environment.

Learn more about Splendide Premium Laundry Powder »

"What kind of fabric softener/How much should I use?"

Answer: We recommend using 1-2 tablespoons of a liquid fabric softener as needed - to reduce wrinkling and speed drying. Bio-friendly fabric softeners, or those that appear light in color, dissolve more quickly in less water and minimize build-up within your machine and in the environment. NEVER use fabric softener sheets.


Sample Load 1: 2-3 Bath Towels, 1 Hand Towel, 1-2 Wash Cloth(s) Wash & Dry Cycles: Cotton Heavy Duty Regular / Dry Time: 90-110* min.

Sample Load 2: 1 Queen Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Standard Pillow Cases Wash & Dry Cycles: Permanent Press Regular / Dry Time: 70-90* min.

Sample Load 3: 1 Hand Towel, 1 Pair of Jeans, 1 Sweatshirt

Wash & Dry Cycles: Cotton Heavy Duty Regular / Dry Time: 90-110* min.

*NOTE: Data purely indicative. Sample loads tested in 1.92 cu. ft. drum model. You may wish to remove some items for 1.6 cu. ft. drum models to avoid wrinkling. Actual dry times will vary depending on the type, weight, and size of items being dried. (ie, a size "Small " sweatshirt would dry faster than a size "XXL" etc.). To avoid over drying, always start out setting a shorter dry time, then add more time if needed.

How do I Wash ONLY?

1. With the machine OFF, Select a Wash cycle

2. Set the Dry Time knob to "0" min.

3. Press "ON"

 "Use Express Wash and save 40% more time!"

Hint (WD2100, WD2000S, WDC6200CEE & WDC5200 ONLY): Choose one of Splendide's unique "Express Wash" cycles to wash smaller loads of lightly soiled Cotton Heavy Duty or Permanent Press fabrics in 40% less time!

"Shake and fold for wrinkle free drying!"

Hint: When washing large items like bed sheets or pants, set them to wash ONLY (leave the Dry Time at "0" min). After the wash cycle ends, give garments a quick shake and fold them before starting a dry cycle. Yes, fold them before drying! This keeps items from tangling - helping them dry faster and more evenly while minimizing wrinkling! (NOTE: To Dry ONLY, select a Dry Time, then advance the Program Timer to a "Dry" position.)

"With Delay Start your laundry is ready when you are!"

Hint (WD2100, WD2000S, WDC6200CEE & WDC5200 ONLY): Wash and dry your laundry during "Off-Peak" energy hours or when it's most convenient for you. Use Delay Start to delay the start of any wash program by 1, 3, 9, or 12 hour(s). With the machine power OFF, advance the Program Selector to one of the Delay Start positions (1, 3, 9, or 12h) then press the power button ON. When the Status/Door Lock lamp stops blinking, advance the Program Selector to your desired wash/dry program. Done!

"Save Resources - Wash larger loads!"

Hint: Wash full loads! Choose loads that include both items that you want to dry in your machine AND items that you want to hang dry. Set the machine to wash ONLY (leave the Dry Time at "0"). After the wash cycle ends, remove the items that you want to hang, and your left with a smaller load that will dry efficiently in your machine! (NOTE: To Dry ONLY, select a Dry Time, then advance the Program Timer to a "Dry" position.)

"Use the "Wool" cycle for amazing hand wash results!"

Hint (WD2100, WD2000S, WDC6200CEE & WDC5200 ONLY): Your machine is so gentle on fabrics that you can trust that even your wool and other delicate washable items will come out clean without damage when you use the "Wool" cycle. When using this cycle, for best results use a low-sudsing, HE "High-Efficiency" detergent (small amount) that is suitable for wool/handwashables, taking care not to wash more than 2.2 lbs.

"Dry at a lower heat setting!"

Hint (WD2100, WD2000S, WDC6200CEE & WDC5200 ONLY): Use Permanent Press Dry with Easy Iron Pressed, OR use the Delicates Dry cycle for items that require "Low" or "Medium" heat drying. NOTE: Unlike Cotton Heavy Duty Dry, Permanent Press Dry and Delicates Dry do not carry out a spin cycle.

"Set it and forget it! Let Splendide take care of the rest!"

Hint: Save time when washing items like towels, socks and cotton undergarments! Set the machine to wash through dry automatically! Select a Cotton Heavy Duty cycle, a water Temperature, a Dry Time (Higher than "0" min.), add laundry aids to the Dispenser Drawer and press ON! Your Splendide will thoroughly wash your laundry (adding detergent and softener right when they're needed) and then start to Dry automatically! No need to transfer the load after washing! With Splendide you can do what you want to do, then return to clean, dry laundry - every time! (IMPORTANT: For optimum performance, use 1-2 TBSP of liquid fabric softener (OR a low-sudsing, HE "High-Efficiency" detergent that softens fabrics) when washing "Wash Through Dry" >> loads)

 Q: How do I keep my machine in good working condition?

A: You can optimize the life of your appliance by following a few, simple procedures. Here are some basic tips to help you keep your machine in good working condition:

Tip 1: Never use solvents or abrasive cleaning products on the body or rubber parts of your machine. Use a wet cloth to wipe soap residue from the inside ofthe porthole glass door, or other parts as needed.

Tip 2: Remove and rinse the dispenser drawer regularly under running water to remove any detergent/fabric softener residue that may build up. Also, remove any visible build up of detergent/softener from the dispenser housing.

Tip 3: Models: WD802M, WDCI024M, WDCI025MCEE A clogged drain/lint filter can prevent your machine from draining properly. To eliminate this risk, clean the drain/lint filter regularly of the lint and debris that naturally accumulates from washing/drying clothes.

Tip 4: Close the water inlet taps when your machine is not in use. This will limit wear to the machines' water circuit and eliminate the risk of leakage.

Tip 5: When drying, always use the cool down cycle (the last several minutes ofthe dry cycle). This feature not only cools the snaps and buttons on your clothing, but allows the internal parts of your machine to gently cool as well.

Tip 6: Never use more than 1-2 tbsp. of liquid * fabric softener per wash load. We recommend using a bio­friendly or similar softener brand, because they are found to dissolve more thoroughly in less water/are less likely to build up within your washer/dryer.

*NEVER use fabric softener sheets.

Tip 7: Observe hard/soft water conditions and load sizes when determining the amount of detergent*/fabric softener to use. Use only 1-2 tbsp. of each. Remember, your machine is highly efficient and you only need to use a small amount of these products to get clothes spotlessly clean. Overfilling will create an excessive foam situation that can damage the internal mechanisms of your washer/dryer.


Q: How do I cut down on my dry times and keep wrinkling to a minimum?

A: Here are some tips to help you optimize your drying times and minimize fabric wrinkling:

Tip 1: Firstly, because you are washing and drying in the same drum, remember that your machine will not dry full wash loads. (In separate wid's, the dryer drum is twice the size of the washer drum). Therefore, if you choose to wash very full loads in any combination washer/dryer you'll need to remove up to 50% from your load before drying it. This will give these items room to tumble freely in the drum with the optimum airflow required to dry them.

When drying heavier fabrics your load sizes will need to be smaller than when you're drying lighter, less absorbent fabrics. As a rule, if your dry times exceed 110 minutes, reduce your load sizes.

Tip 2: Second, before drying always preheat the drum. To do this, set your dry timer when you set your wash controls. Your drum will preheat during the final spin of the wash cycle and your machine will start drying automatically when washing is complete.

Tip 3: Using a liquid* fabric softener during the wash cycle will reduce the clinging/wrinkling effects of some fabrics and make them softer/easier to iron. However, because your machine spins at high speeds to remove more moisture from fabrics, some laundry may cling to the drum after spinning. After the dry cycle begins and the door lock has released, simply loosen/shake out clinging laundry to optimize air circulation around your clothing. Then close the door to resume drying.

*Never use softener sheets and never use more than 1-2 tbsp. of a liquid fabric softener/wash load. Because they are found to dissolve more thoroughly in less water/are less likely to build up within your machine, we recommend using a bio-friendly or similar liquid fabric softener brand-they tend to appear light/white in color and are more liquid in consistency.

A special note about Comb-o-matics

If you own one of our Comb-o-matic models, your machine is self-condensing (these machines require no outside venting to dry). To keep dry times down, do not open the door until drying is complete. Additionally, when you remove clothes from your Comb-o-matic they may feel humid and hot to the touch. This is normal. Simply shake them out and allow the humidity to dissipate (this only takes a few seconds) then fold or hang them immediately to minimize wrinkling.

Q: What kind of detergent/How much detergent should I use?

A: Since Splendide Laundry Centers use less water, they require much less detergent to get your clothes spotlessly clean. We recommend that you use only 1-2 tablespoons of low-sudsing powder* detergent (or liquid equivalent) per wash load. (Adjust your amount for smaller/larger loads or hard/soft water situations).

Using the correct amount of low sudsing detergent is very important because continual over sudsing can damage your machines' internal components and reduce drying efficiency.

Today there are detergents designed for front loading machines known as 'HE' or 'High Efficiency.' You can benefit from these soaps as they are made to dissolve quickly in less water.

*NEVER use detergent sheets

Q: Is using a Splendide Laundry Center much different than what I'm used to?

A: Yes, in some ways. With Splendide machines you are washing and drying in the same drum (1.5-1.9 cu. ft.) and load sizes are smaller. Wash cycles/times are similar, but because combination washer/dryers are compact and operate using 115V (vs. 230V), dry times are longer. Instead of washing several, bulky loads of laundry in one day, you'll learn to adjust your laundry habits to wash smaller, more convenient loads every day or two. Perfect for singles or couples!

Because combination washer/dryers use horizontal-axis technology, you can fill their drums fully and still get your clothes spotlessly clean. However, to optimize dry times, if you choose to wash very full loads in any combination w/d you'll need to remove some items (up to 50%) from the drum before drying. (Remember, in separate w/d's, the dryer drum is twice the size of the washer drum). Removing some items give the remaining clothing room to tumble freely while drying.

Our Comb-o-matic models require no outside venting and dry your clothes much differently than the way you may be used to. They use self-condensing drying, so when you remove clothes from your Comb-o-matic, it is normal for them to feel hot and/or humid. You will simply shake them out to allow the humidity to dissipate (this takes only seconds) before folding or hanging them like usual.

Splendide's compact combination washer/dryers give you the convenience of washing and drying laundry where it has never been possible before. When you adjust your washing habits slightly and embrace this innovative way of doing personal laundry, you will love your new Splendide Laundry Center

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