Splendide Fuseable Link

by Splendide

With the growing popularity of the Splendide washer/dryer, comes the need for more technical Information. This updateisis from Splendlde. Please keep it with your instructions and operating manual.

The Splendlde fuseable link (part # 186240099) is a required safety device by Underwriters Laboratories. It is designed to sense an overheat situation in the dryer assembly and break the circuit in the event of overheating that cannot be controlled by the thermostat.

Overheating can occur because of the following reasons:

(1) A plugged vent hose from the drum to the outside of the machine or from the outside of the machine to the outside air.

(2) Too much bulk in the drum, thus creating an obstruction to the normal flow of air.

(3) Opening of the door in the dry cycle and quitting the dry mode without allowing the machine to go through its required cool down cycle. There is no problem in opening the door to check your laundry, but if you elect to stop at that point, allow the machine to go through the cool down cycle either with or without the clothes in the drum.

(4) Fan bearing lubrication can be necessary to keep the blower fan moving at its maximum velocity. With the top off ofthe machine. The dryer fan will be in the right rear of the machine on top. Just below the white plastic fan blade is a bearing on the shaft. Lubricate it with w!)'40. silicone lubricant or light machine oil. The second bearing is below the black magnet part of the motor and can be seen from the left side of the fan with a flashlight.

(5) Under extreme circumstances, the flap in the dryer housing could stick closed and, thus, back up the heat in the dryer heater housing. This flap can be seen with a flashlight from the inside of the drum by looking up into the right top of the rubber housing and turning on the dryer with the door open. (Slide the door switch to the right with a pencil with the dryer on and the door open.)


If excessive problems occur, you may want to put a spike protector on the plug at the washer/dryer. These can be obtained at Radio Shack Stores or any hardware outlet. It is imperative that you be aware of your amperage requirements and the available amperage to your vehicle. This washer/driver requires a 20 amp circuit. Space heaters, microwave ovens, air conditioners and other high amp draw appliances create spikes during normal operation, especially in large parks with inadequate line vo~age . All of the newer motorhomes now have surge protectors bui~ in, if you have an older motorhome (pre 2003) you may want to get a surge protector.

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