Starter Replacement 41MT 12-tooth

by Barry and Cindy 1997 U270 36'

Our Cummins C8.3-325 engine has had hesitant start issues for over a year.  Many things we did seemed to make some difference, but the coach just did not start like it used to a few years ago.

Today we replaced our original starter with an new Delco Remy 41MT and our coach started better than EVER.  We are happy campers.

Over the last year we:
Replaced our two Optima red-top start batteries.
Added a 3rd start Optima red-top battery when we replaced the two older ones.
Replaced inter-battery cables with bus-bars.
Added an additional 4/0 start battery ground cable.
Moved negative cables to first start battery and positive cables to last battery in parallel chain.
Rebuilt starter.
Rebuilt alternator.
Cleaned all ground and positive cable terminals.
Replaced all parts on isolator panel.
Reviewed the complete start circuit from ignition key to rear start solenoid, replacing some of the parts.
Added start battery combiners, like Trik-L-Start.

Cummins originally gave us the incorrect starter part number and we started by chasing the wrong starter, but when we removed our original starter, we learned the correct part number from the plate.  Then the game started to find our Delco Remy 10478818 41MT,12-tooth NEW starter, which we found with the help of Barney Hall at

We removed and reinstalled the starter ourselves.  Starter weighs 51 pounds and has a special 12-point small head bolt, which requires a small metric 12-point 3/8”-drive #12-size socket.  Space is limited and a long extension is needed.

S1 bolt

Special 12-point small head Bolt

S2 gear


S3 plate

ID plate

S4 new

Delco Remy 10478818 41MT, 12-tooth NEW starter

Delco Remy 10478818 41MT,12-tooth starters old & new

Delco Remy 10478818 41MT, 12-tooth old & new Starters

S5 installed

New starter installed

Additional Starter Information

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