Where is the Safe


They are located min different locations

The earlier models placed the safe in front of the passenger seat, under the carpet.

That's where it was on a 1990 .... Brad

Mine is under a square in the carpet that pulls up on the left foot side of the bed. I found it by going under the coach and I saw the bottom of the safe.

If you go under the coach just behind the rear wheel and look up, you will see the bottom of it. If you go into the bedroom, Drivers side, beside the bed, just at the corner of the bed, you can pull up a piece of carpet with a piece of plywood glued to it. It folds back from towards the rear of the coach. And there it is.Bob 96 U320

In our 1997 U295 CAI, the safe is behind a door the looks like two drawers in the cabinet beside the bed on the driver's side. J D Stevens 1997 U295 CAI 36'

In my ’98 U320 the safe is in the bottom of the left-hand bed-side cabinet, behind a drawer façade. Chad – ’98 U320

Mine is in the rear clothes closet behind the sliding doors.(I have the powered carousel) I removed the torx-headed screws, but the safe didn't budge. I'm trying to find out what's behind the safe under the floor. It seems like empty space. I want to attach a bracket to the rear wall of this area back in the engine compartment, and I'd like to use bolts and washers instead of screws for security, if I can get to the back side. Brett '99 42' U320

In the '03, the safe is in the night stand and the door is vertical. Barry Beam 2003 U320

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