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These are some of the Modifications we have done to the coach that makes it more comfortable in our travels

Added a 4th Coach Battery in a wooden box that I made behind the joey bed outside battery compartment. Giving me more battery availability when dry camping.
Replaced a wall lamp with a 12 VDC fan.
Added a fan in Electronics cabinet above Driver to help eliminate heat buildup and operates with a thermistat.
Added Alpine NVE-872 GPS Navigation
Added Alpine D310 Multimedia unit to replace existing radio. Now I have a second monitor for GPS, Sirius satellite radio, dvd/CD player all in one unit. Original monitor is for rear camera & tank monitor.
Alpine D310 Multimedia All in one unit with GPS, Radio, Sirius Satellite, DVD & TV
Added Thermostat in upper cabinet to turn on fan when it gets to hot for the electronics.
Added additional ceiling cabinet in bedroom.
Added ceiling fan in bedroom.
Added 2nd leaf to dining table allowing 6 people to play games at table. We use 2 additional folding chairs.
Replaced roof cell antenna with dual band antenna 301104 from Prime Cellular
Electronics bay houses Prosine 2500 inverter, Auxiliary 12VDC air compressor, Hydrolic, HWH Controls, Transfer Switch, surge protector & 12VDC circuit breakers
  Electronics Bay 1  
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