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George HW Bush Library College Station, TX The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum opened to the public Nov. 7, 1997. The library's research room opened Jan. 20, 1998, according to Presidential Records Act guidelines. The library and museum is part of the George Bush Presidential Library Center at Texas A&M University, a 90-acre area on Texas A&M's West Campus that is also home to the prestigious Bush School of Government and Public Service, the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation, and the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center.
Clinton Presidential Library, Little Rock AR  
Eisenhower Library Abilene KS  
Andrew Jackson Home Nashville TN  
LBJ Library Austin TX  
JFK Library & Museum Boston MA The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is dedicated to the memory of our nation's thirty-fifth president and to all those who through the art of politics seek a new and better world. Located on a ten-acre park, overlooking the sea that he loved and the city that launched him to greatness, the Library stands as a vibrant tribute to the life and times of John F. Kennedy.
Lincoln's Presidential Library Springfield IL  
Ronald Reagan Simi Valley CA. Given the dire state of the economy facing Ronald Reagan when he assumed the Presidency, it would have been understandable had he focused exclusively on those challenges. But he came to office with a broad agenda, and there were many important problems to solve.
Truman Library Independence MO. In July 1944, Truman was nominated to run for Vice President with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. On January 20, 1945, he took the vice-presidential oath, and after President Roosevelt's unexpected death only eighty-two days later on April 12, 1945, he was sworn in as the nations' thirty-third President.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library Hyde Park, NY 32nd President of the United States, architect of the New Deal and Commander-in-Chief during World War II. Articles highlight significant documents, photographs, and motion picture footage from the archival and museum collections of the FDR Library.
Richard Nixon Library Whittier, CA The 37th President of the United States, Richard Nixon was born on January 9, 1913 in a small farmhouse in Yorba Linda, California and raised in nearby Whittier. He attended Whittier College and Duke University School of Law and then joined a law firm in his hometown. He and Patricia Ryan were married in 1940.
Gerald R. Ford Library Grand Rapids MI.  
George W. Bush Library Lewisville, TX  


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